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Daily Maintenance Notes of Limestone Impact Crusher

Limestone is a common ore material. As a kind of sand and stone material for production, construction or construction, its use and processing process need to go through a variety of equipment. The final limestone needs to reach 2 mm to 50 mm of sand and stone material in order to be used for construction and various construction purposes. The limestone impact crusher is one of the indispensable equipment. It is not only widely used, but also can reach the international level. At present, it is an effective, practical and reliable product in fine crushing. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of limestone impact crusher in production, we remind many customers to pay special attention to routine maintenance matters in use, and what should be paid attention to in detail. We have summarized many years of experience, and its maintenance knowledge mainly includes the following points:

1. Regular internal inspection

Some customers want to achieve high production, only know to blindly produce, never to check the equipment, this is the wrong way, irregular inspection will cause faster damage, causing great losses to enterprises. Counter-break reminds us that we should stop regularly to observe the internal wear situation, including the wear degree of feeding pipe, impeller, liner, guard plate, wear-resistant block and other components. If we find wear, we should replace or repair it in time. Here we should remind customers to replace wear-resistant block at the same time, so as to ensure wear-resistant block. The weight is the same.

2. Check lubrication status

Whether the lubrication condition of the impact crusher is ideal is directly related to the normal operation of the equipment. When we carry out daily maintenance, we should choose professional lubricating grease. Specifically, according to the operating environment of the limestone impact crusher, such as environmental temperature and environmental humidity, etc. We recommend that customers use the lubricant provided by the manufacturer. Usually, the equipment should be replaced after a certain period of time (900 hours or 6 months), so as to ensure the normal production of the equipment as before.

3. Focus on Hammer Head Inspection

Hammer head is an important part of limestone impact crusher. Because material is broken by hammer, hammer head is one of the parts that are easy to wear and tear. Therefore, we should focus on inspection in daily maintenance, and find out that there are abnormalities to be repaired or replaced immediately. Attention should be paid to adjusting the distance between the crushing plate and the hammer head while repairing the wear of the hammer head, mainly through the movement of the supporting device of the crushing plate.

4. Pay attention to the safety of operators

In the process of equipment production or maintenance, we must pay attention to the safety of operators, because limestone impact crusher belongs to high-speed equipment, and special attention should be paid to safety. When operating, the staff should be away from the equipment. If the above situation is needed for maintenance, the operation can only be carried out after power failure and shutdown.