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Performance of Ultrafine Mill On Production Line

Ultrafine mill is widely used. It is mainly used in crushing equipment of mineral materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mines. It has a good effect on grinding non-flammable and explosive materials with humidity below 6%. In production, we should pay attention to its use and make rational use of it.

In the actual application, some users have not allocated the grinding equipment reasonably, which makes its role not fully play. In fact, in the production line, we need to make rational use of machinery and equipment, so that the machine can better provide us with production capacity. It is worth mentioning here that we should also pay attention to the scope of its use in production. Ultrafine mill is mainly used to process barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramics, glass and other materials.

More attention should also be paid to the allocation of production. The mill production line is generally equipped with superfine mill mainframe, analyzer, blower, finished cyclone separator, pipeline device and motor. Its auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electronic control cabinet, etc. For users, they can choose flexibly according to the situation on the spot. Among them, the ultrafine mill plays an important role in the whole production line.

Grinding Equipment Is An Important Mechanical Equipment

Ultrafine mill is a key link in the whole production line, from raw materials to finished products. After the material is crushed to the required size, the material is sent to the hopper by the hoist, then to the grinding chamber by the vibrating feeder, uniformly and continuously. Because of centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roll swings outward and is pressed tightly on the grinding ring ring. The spatula shovels the material between the grinding roll and the grinding ring ring, so the grinding roll can be crushed by rolling. Objective.

Subsequently, the fine powder after grinding is brought into the analyzer with the circulating air of the blower for sorting, and the coarse material falls back to the regrinding. The qualified fine powder enters the cyclone collector of the finished product with the air flow, and discharges the ultrafine mill through the outlet pipe, that is, the finished product. This is the whole process of milling.